13/09: Feels like a decade


DD,First of all, Thanks to the Almighty. I'm trying my hardest to stay grateful. My life is sure hectic rn but I'm happy. A subtle feeling everything is going to be alright if I just try my best. If I fail, there is always a second option. Another year, perhaps another career. So trying not to overthink. Rough night, I had fever. 100.5 and had terrible back,neck pain due to 10-12 hour sitting on my chair to read and attending my offline classes. I enjoyed the class however so much backpain. I cried a lot last night. T calmed me down. He treated me a meal, stayed there with me. The fever calmed me down tbh. I feel like I just have to calm down and study. Because anxiety and pressure doesn't help to read with focus. It's okay, there will be setbacks in life but we'll get used to it. I am crying one day, happy the other day. But that doesn't mean i should give up.

Blue birthday..I never finished that series but writing in this diary just like him makes me feel weirdly calm and excited. I can't quite describe the feeling but it sure feels good. Have a nice day,stay well, try to live well.Ba bye.Peace🌱