September 02, 2021


Dear Diary, As soon as I saw the guy I felt attracted somehow. Saw? his fb acc. 🤣 and maybe how he talks and stuff and figured out he's 25 and yea.

I googled being attracted to older guys and it's quite common among my age amd it's somehow 'universal'.

Still, ofcourse. Still being myself I can't get myself to talk to guys and older guys at that. But he's a classmate and stuff. I might get an opportunity to chat with him but most probably not.

Also it might be because i'm having these warm feelings again but i'm not turned on. It's just like the one I felt in april. 

Would be cool if I can recreate the feels last month but I guess not. I do not know what caused it so ya. It would be nice to have those feels again in the near future tho. Just not so much and not so frequent.

Also, haven't seen his face and his build I'm quite judgy as well on that part so, idk. I just like what I saw in the chat room. 

All for now. 🖤