July 22, 2021


DD,hey been awhile since I wrote a proper entry.I'm in my feels,dk why.Not my first time either,reminds me of december last year.Getting all drunk just on emotions & sad boi hours for all day/night long.Obsessed with beautiful songs & sleeping 18 hours per day.My body is weak,mind is active.Kind of a weird combination ye.I am in a maze,still dk why.I've been writing songs,poems.Was doing my assignments earlier.Getting a hang of my rabbit hole.Messed up living,trainwreck schedules & can't wrap my head around nothing.Feels like I'm constantly travelling in between roads,rivers and the rain is echoing.Me &her,it was our final night alive.Anyways..I have 2 assignments to complete,tomorrow I have a physics exam.Since I completed half of the materials, I am gonna do the half today.That'll be more than fine.Everything moves in a different pace & I'm just here lying & spending my days in a ruckus.Hopefully we'll end the loop soon.Peace🌱