July 07, 2021


Dear Diary,

Hey it's me again. I'll just write the details that I've missed to write for the past weeks. I've created more artworks and that helped me a lot to improve my creativity and productivity. I also met someone that makes me smile, and his name is Jed. He's a very honest person and he's also an artist (his works are great!!!). He seems like a cool guy and I like his sense of humor coz he's very funny and (kinda horny, he talks about dirty stuffs).

One thing that I would never forget about him is that he made me cry the first time we talked. He said sorry and sang me two songs accompanied with his guitar. :) it's the first time that someone sings for me and his voice is good. well, I asked him to sing for me LOL

When he talks to me, he always asks questions about me and he appreciates the things that I say and don't just compliment me for my face or how I look. I don't know but at first I don't find him attractive but as I got to talk to him I can't help but to think about him but I'm not sure if he's serious about me or he's just messing around. I asked him if he's just trippin' but he said that he's not but it's been two days that we haven't talked. I won't say it to anyone but I lowkey started to miss him. I became uninterested to Rory since he got my attention. 

I don't know where this is going to head but I don't want to rush things. He's always hinting that he want to get in a relationship but I don't want to be in a relationship that fast. I don't want to be an easy girl because I believe that anything that started fast will also end fast. :(( I want to get to know him better because I don't want my heart to break/

I don't know but I have this feeling that I want to keep him >

but I don't know if we'll end up being together or these will just become memories;)