June 10, 2021


DD, Update on my uncle: he & his wife both tested positive. People are heavily getting misdiagnosed with typhoid despite having cov.Same thing happened in this case as well. Currently he is supposed to be in a hospital.There were a few delays due to uneducated & confused people.Hopefully he gets in early enough. I really don't know what's gonna happen next. Mom is taking all of the decisions here.She had a small breakdown due to that.We had to calm her down.

I am being an useless prick here. Things are going tough. I am anxious & exhausted.Not only emotionally but physically. Cramps I'd say , & chronic allergy. I had an allergic episode while showering. Immensely fatigued.

I really don't know how to feel about all this. It's like I'm on manual mode. Only thing I am thinking about is mom. And uncle's family.He has 2 beautiful kids.A girl and a boy.They are small.

Seori released a single.I waited 8 hours for that patiently waiting.When they were finally streaming, I got the news of my uncle being positive.The anxiety level ..went over the roof.

anyways tons of emotion are splurging rn.I need to settle in for a while.Peace🌱