The Only Right Approach


Dear Diary,

Do you want to make, do you want to create something truly amazing, extraordinary, special, remarkable, unbelievable, and incredible of your life, but you sadly don't know how to?

I've a simple formula for you. No, scratch that. I've a simple law for you. No, scratch that as well. I've a simple method for you. No, who are we kidding, also scratch that.

What I do have and it has worked for me, is the approach. What I do have and it has worked for me, is the approach. This approach is so easy to take you will wonder why you've never thought about taking it,

and that approach is? The approach of learning from the best, every single day of your life, learning for the best, and by that, what I mean is that you need to actually learn from the best.

Read their books, watch their interviews, study how they think, how they feel, and what they believe in, learn about all of their successes, all of their failures, all of their hardships, and all of their challenges,

and then to slowly, but effectively, apply everything you've learnt about them to your life.

For that is the way, that is the only way. If you want to be like someone else, you have got to act them. And by that I don't mean you have got to copy them, but what I mean is,

that you have got to apply principles of their you have learned studying them, to your very own life.

If you shall do so, I can promise you shall become immensely successful one day,

If you shall not do so, I can not promise you anything. All I can do is wish you all the best.