Dear Diary, 

It doesn't happen very often. Okay, that's a lie of sorts, because it happens often enough, but today was just one of those days, because some hypocrite actually challenged me and challenged my success! Usually, I let these kind of things slide, just ignore them, just put them aside, and let people think whatever they want to think, and believe whatever they want to believe about me and about everything that's connected to me. But this time, this person, was clearly arrogant, in fact Mount Everest arrogant, so I really felt the need to shut them up. And so I said, I replied, I responded, and I acted towards the hypocrisy of their question, with a question of mine, and that question was: How much have you sacrificed for your success? Oh wait, you haven't sacrificed anything, have you? I assume you haven't, because if you have, then you would know that without the sacrifice nobody can become successful, that without sacrifice nobody can become success! And for you to tell me I haven't sacrificed anything to achieve what I've achieved, is entirely hypocritical of you, because I have, I have sacrificed anything but my goals and my dream to achieve what I've achieved so far in my life. So, the next time you challenge my success and challenge everybody else's success, think of how much sacrifice they've had to make in their lives to get to where currently are! They've all earned their spot, and that includes me. There's no success without sacrifice, and just in case I wasn't clear enough, that sacrifice has to be made by you, because nobody else can make it FOR YOU!