It's Over


Dear Diary,

The reason, the real reason, why you aren't free is because you are either too selfish, too arrogant, too self-absorbed, too narcissistic, too shallow, or too ignorant to be free. You aren't free because your mind is captive in captivity of the system you live in and you are captive in captivity of your very own mind. For, for your mind to be free, your mind has to think correctly, for your heart to be free, your heart has to feel correctly, and for your soul to be free, your soul has to believe correctly. Without correctness, there's no freedom of mind, of heart, and of soul, with correctness, there is freedom of mind, of heart, and of soul. For when you think correctly, your mind is under your control, when you feel correctly, your heart is under your control, and when you believe correctly, your soul is under your control. With incorrect thinking, feeling, and believing, your mind, your heart, and your soul, are no longer under your control. For you see, this system, this system you live in, this system we all live in, was designed exactly for that purpose, to have you think incorrect thoughts, to have you feel incorrect feelings, and to have you believe in incorrect beliefs. It wasn't designed to free your mind, it was designed to imprison your mind. It was designed to keep your mind in captivity. So, the more you think, feel, and believe in incorrect way, the more imprisoned you are, the less you think, feel, and believe in incorrect way, and the more you think, feel, and believe in correct way, the more free you are of this system. And how does this system make sure that you have so many incorrect thoughts, feelings, and beliefs? By feeding you negative choices of its very own creation. For you see, the more negative choices you choose the more you know how to think, how to feel, and how to believe incorrectly, the less negative choices you choose, the more you know how to think, how to feel, and how to believe correctly. These negative choices imprison your mind, for they feed your lust, they feed your want, and they feed your desire, your secret lust, your secret want, and your secret desire. This system does not want you to pick the positive choices, because positive choices can only free your mind from its captivity. That's why you are being fed new choice after new choice every once in a while, because this system wants you to become addicted to it, it wants you to become dependent on it, and it wants you to become submissive to it. It wants you to waste your precious time on it, it wants you to waste all of the energy you have left, because the more time and the more energy you waste, the more addicted, dependent, and submissive you are, easier it is for this system to manipulate you, to misguide you, and to mislead you through aid of these choices you can not ever get enough of, because you are so hopelessly invested in them, you don't even want to seek for a way out. Or put it simply, you are too selfish, too arrogant, too self-absorbed, too narcissistic, to shallow, and too ignorant you don't even care about all this painfully obvious transparency anymore. All you really want is a fix, for you are a technological crackhead. Yes, you are a technological crackhead, because you can't get enough of things that don't really matter and should never even matter to you. You are exactly what this system wants you to be, for as long as you are technological crackhead, it can control every aspect and every area of your life without you even knowing, for you don't have the awareness of it. You don't have the awareness that you are under its control at all. You may say I am wrong, but what's your latest status update on social media platform, what's the last thing that's happened in your favorite television show, what's the name of the last woman you've seen have sex with a man or several men, what's the last app you've downloaded from the app store, which smartphone do you hold in your hand, which smart television, have you recently purchased, what was the last addictive game you've played on your gaming console or online, what's the last addictive thing you've done browsing the world wide web, what's the last celebrity gossip you've read on a celebrity gossip website, who was the last guest on your favorite tonight show, who was the last opponent of your favorite sports team, what was the last tweet of your favorite artist, actor, athlete about, etc. I am sure you can all answer some of these questions, but can you answer them as sincerely as possible. This system doesn't want you to be sincere about any of this, it wants you to think of the benefits, it doesn't want you to think of dangers. It wants you to think what these things can do for you and not what these things can do to you. Which is, corrupt your mind, your heart, and your soul, fully, entirely, and completely. Now, you may believe I am wrong about all this, and that's okay, for that's your choice, but can you really take a look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that what you've read isn't true? I can not, because I know it is. Blessings