Dear Diary,

I don't ever want to give up on my dreams, 

I want to pursue my dreams, 

I want to follow my dreams, 

I want to work on my dreams, 

I want to be stubborn, persistent, 

focused, determined, disciplined, 

and have just enough faith 

and just enough belief in me, 

and all of those who stand by me 

and who stand behind me. 

I want to be grateful, 

I want to be thankful, 

I want to be selfless, 

kind, generous, loving, 

knowledgeable, wise, 


and understanding. 

I want to seize every day 

of my life to the fullest of all 

of my abilities and of all 

of my capabilities. 

I want to learn from my mistakes, 

from my discomfort, 

and from all of mine 



I want to go one step, 

one decision, one action 

at a time. 

I want to face any failure, 

I want to overcome any hardship, 

JUMP through an obstacle of any kind, 

solve the most difficult challenge, 

let go of any kind of shortcut, 

and pick much harder path

or much harder road, 

make sure that time I have 

available to me works for me 

and not against me. 

I want to take care of 

my health and my

personal development, 

embrace my endless, limitless, 

and infinite potential, 

and all of my gifts, 

and all of my talents, 

form good relationships with 

good people who've earned and who 

deserve to be in my life, 

and lose bad relationships with 

bad people who've never earned and 

don't deserve to be in my life. 

I want to find myself a mentor, 

and I want to become a mentor, 

I want to inspire and I want 

to motivate people from all 

walks of life. 

I want to give my complete 

attention only to things 

that truly matter, control 

all of my thoughts and all 

of my emotions, and all of 

my beliefs, 

read books written only by world's 

most brilliant minds who've ever lived, 

and learn something valuable 

and worthy from each and every 

single one of them, 

and I want to be brave, 

I want to be stubborn, 

I want to be persistent, 

I want to go after my dreams, 

because I know, 

if I'll go,

if I'll pursue them,

if I'll chase after them,

if I won't give up on them,

and if I won't settle 

for something smaller, 

they'll happen to me, 

and if I'll go,

if I won't give in,

if I won't surrender, 

one day, 

I'll get to 

live them,

and maybe even 

help you