The Real Art of War


Never ever back down,

Never ever give up,

Never ever surrender,

Never ever accept defeat,

Until you can win,

And losing is 

Not an 


You will win,

You will prevail, 

You will succeed,

You will exceed

Beyond yourself 

Beyond others,

Beyond Universe,

Beyond Life,

Beyond Time,



You will fight back 

For what's right,

You won't ever settle for

What's wrong,

You won't ever give in,

You will always strike back, 

You won't ever wait,

You will always attack.

You will show your true power,

You have within your mind,

Your heart and your soul, 

The world will know who you are,

The world will know what you are,

The world will know the truth,

And all of your enemies will have 

No other choice but 

To accept defeat and