Me against the World


Dear Diary,

It's so easy to assume that entire world's against you, 

it's so easy to play the victim part, 

blame everything and everyone for things 

that have happened to you but never actually 

happened because of it or because of them. 

But do you know that the minute you start 

playing the victim and the minute you start 

putting the blame on everything and everyone 

but yourself is the minute you start giving up 

on everything that can ensure you much 

brighter future, and filling up your head 

with nonsense that's got nothing 

to do with reality, 

and can only ensure you

much darker future. 

I write this to you because 

I also blamed everything 

and I also blamed everyone 

for the things that happened 

and even for the things 

that hadn't happened yet 

and had yet to happen. 

I blamed everything and everyone but Me.

I blamed everything and everyone but 

the only person who was really to blame, 


What good did that do to me? 

The thing you need to realize 

and you're probably not yet aware of 

is that by playing the victim part 

you don't just lie to yourself, 

but you also miss hundreds of chances, 

possibilities, and opportunities 

for a much better life 

for yourself and those 

you truly care about 

and truly love. 

And what you also miss 

is the true beauty and 

the true gift of life, 

which is the experience 

of everything and anything 

life has to offer 

to you in this 

world and even beyond

this world. 

Playing the victim is really easy, 

but the things you lose by playing the victim, 

you can never get back. 

Imagine for just a moment 

how your life would change 

if you stopped playing 

the victim part, 

imagine for just a moment 

how your life would change 

if you all of a sudden 

took all the responsibility 

for your own actions. 

How happy would you be, or better said, 

how free would you be of all the lies you

kept telling to yourself? 

You would be very happy 

and you would be very free, 

for you'd be no longer sad and miserable

in private and you'd no longer be trapped 

inside captivity of your own ignorance 

of your own actions.

You'd be the star of your very own blockbuster movie,

you'd be the leading actor in your very own tv show, 

you'd be the television host of your own talk show,

you'd be the owner of your very own company,

you'd be whatever it is you'd want to be. 

And you'd be all this in your life, 

if all you did was stop playing the victim

part and start playing that part that 

you'd no doubt be great in and was 

always destined for you,

and written in the stars.