November 19, 2020


[WEEK 07]

Dear Diary, 

For this week's diary, I will be writing about the interview with an alumni who have the same type of work or profession with what I will be progressing to after I graduated from university.For the interviewee, I decided to interview mas Dedi Setiawan, an alumni of ITS from the department of statistics. Although his department is different from me, but because of his profession as a data analyst is what I would want to be, so I decided to interview him. From there, I learned that being a data analyst has a lot of work such as monetization of performance from the customers which consist of  lifetime customer, retention customer, royalty customer. Next is doing A/B testing,  so that the company can ensure that they give the best performance for the customers.There is also, QA about the existing application, including if the data has been recorded or not. Lastly, about the software that he mainly used in this job is R and Big Query. In all honesty, I never thought some of this jobs are in the areas of data analyst but nevertheless I am looking forward to be working as a data analyst. In addition, to that I also interviewed my mom regarding her expectations of my future. Because of that I feel more motivated  than before because all she wishes for is the best for my career and future.

[WEEK 08]

In order to be able to achieve my dream job, ether needs to be a step by step timeline of what I will do to achieve this. So, in the next five years the bare requirement is that I have already learned and gained experience about data analytics whether it is from the internships or from studying. Then I will try to apply a job as a data analyst in a startup company, so not only I can earn money but also learn and experience what a startup company is like and what it takes to start one. In the following years, if the company I work for is suitable for me, maybe I will try to get my masters degree on big data analytics and continue to work there to gain a higher position. Although, in the slight chance that I think it is possible for me to start my own startup company and the amount of income and experience  I have are sufficient, then I would try to find a job that doesn't take much of my time so I could focus more on building my own startup company.