Millionaire Mind


Dear Diary,

The most common belief is that not everyone can become a Millionaire or let alone a Billionaire, but let me be the first to tell you that that belief is wrong belief, that that belief has nothing to do with reality, for it's very and it's quite possible for anyone to become a Millionaire or a Billionaire. What is true though is that you can not become a Millionaire or a Billionaire just like that, for that's indeed impossible. Becoming a Millionaire or a Billionaire is a journey, it's a journey that demands insane amount of self discipline, insane amount of self-development, insane amount of will-power, insane amount of action, insane amount of risk taking, insane amount of effort, and very insane amount of controlled thoughts, controlled emotions, and controlled beliefs. This all may seem impossible, but it's actually very far from impossible. It's possible because you just have to work on yourself to make it possible. Every single day of your life you have to set goals for yourself and every single day of your life you have to reach those goals, you have to be stubborn enough to reach every single goal you set out for yourself. And every single day you have to manage time, you have to make sure that every second, every minute, every hour isn't second, minute, hour that's wasted, which means you have to give up all the temporary pleasure, temporary comfort, temporary, temporary security, and forget all about temporary pleasure, replace it with something that's worthy of your dreams, remove comfort and install discomfort into your life, and face every fear you may already know you have or you may not yet know you already have. And after you've done so, you have to wire all of your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs the same way, you have to wire them towards one thought, one emotion, and one belief, one thought, one emotion, and one belief that everything is possible and there's no such thing as impossible. You have to treat the word impossible as something that's non-existent and you have to treat the word possible as something that's very existent. If you do it right, your mind, your heart, and your soul will be enriched with true experience of life, and thus be also enriched with all the true wisdom and all the true knowledge life has to offer.Because you see, becoming a Millionaire or becoming a Billionaire has got nothing to do with money, for the money is secondary, what is primary and far more relevant and far more important than any accumulated wealth is inner wealth and inner health, for without inner wealth and inner health, life within is very poor and very unhealthy, and life that's very poor and life that's very unhealthy cannot become life of endless growth, abundance, and prosperity. When your mind is poor, so is your life, when your mind is rich, so is your life. There's no rich life without a rich mind and there's no poor life without a poor mind. So everything starts in there, inside your mind. Every single thought you have, every single emotion you have, and every single belief you have matters immensely. For, if you think yourself, feel yourself, and believe yourself to be something more from everybody else, then reality is, you'll never be more from everybody else, for you'll always be the same. If you want to succeed and if you want to exceed, reach financial security, the unlimited wealth, and live a life of a Millionaire or a Billionaire, you have to know, and you have to be aware, or you at least have to realize that it's not the world that's against you, that it's not you against the world, but is in fact You against You, or better said, You against the person you see when you take a look at yourself in the mirror.