Dear Diary,

How far will we go with our submission, our addiction, and our dependence on these things that exist exactly to make us submissive, to make us addictive, and to make us dependent on them? Will we let this addiction, this submission, and this dependence to completely overtake us, will we let this addiction, this submission, and this dependence to take complete control over our lives? For what, do these things deserve to take complete control over our lives? ARE we really that ignorant to let them? We are, aren't we? We are ignorant, we are foolish, and we are too blinded by all the side effects these devices, these apps, and these online platforms we so constantly use have on our minds, have on our hearts, and even have on our souls. This isn't crazy at all, for we've become more connected to these things than we are connected to reality, and that is not healthy for any of us, is it? And yet we keep using all of it, like it means nothing, and doesn't really hurt our health. Wake up, people, these things hurt our health, but they don't just hurt our health, they also hurt our awareness and our perception of reality. Wake up, because you are being manipulated, and you are being misled and misguided by things that are actually irrelevant and steal your rights to your privacy and rights to your freedom because whenever you inadvertently agree to do something against your better judgment just so you can use them. Yes, it's a smartphone, yes it's a tablet, yes it's a social network, yes it's just a selfie, yes it's just a like, yes it's just a view, and yes it's just a subscription. But no, people, it's a lot more than that, for things are not as simple as they seem, for there's a war behind everything, a war for your attention. These things we are addicted to, submissive to, and dependent upon, and people behind them, could care less about our health than they already do, for all they truly care about is our attention, for the more attention of ours they receive, easier is their control over us, the less attention they receive, the weaker is their control over us. They are nothing without your attention. They are all pointless and they are all irrelevant. But with your attention, they have ways to keep even more of your attention, especially due to your ignorance, because you are too ignorant and because of your ignorance can't see even bigger agenda that's behind them. The agenda to steal everything you own away from you so you have nothing left to your name. So don't give me that it's just a platform nonsense. These platforms exist for only two reasons, first is to get your attention away from everything that's relevant and everything that's really important, and second reason is to misguide and mislead with disinformation that leads and guides you on a path that leads you straight to Hell. It's a shame you are too ignorant to be aware that your mind is being controlled, and you are too arrogant and foolish, and blinded by things you are addicted too, submissive too, and dependent upon, you don't even care about anything of true value and of true worth anymore, and rather spend time fetching for that like, fetching for that view, fetching for that recognition, and fetching for that importance you don't even need in your life, but you seriously think, feel, and believe you do because you don't know other, what's true and what can set you free from this Hell you've found yourself in, because of your foolishness and complete lack of wisdom and knowledge.