September 18, 2020


Dear Diary,

You know when you fall down the hole and reach its ground, there's only one place you can go, and that place isn't on the left, for there's a wall, that place isn't on the right, for there's also a wall, and it definitely isn't below, because what's below is solid ground you landed on. So what's left is the only way, which is the way upwards, or the way that leads you back to the surface you used to be before you fell into the hole. And as you go back up, one step at a time, one action at a time, one decision at a time, one thought, one feeling, and one belief at a time, you learn of things you've never learned of before, you learn of your true value, you learn of your true worth, and as you get to learn of your true value and of your true worth, you truly get to see how valuable and how worthy you truly are. As you continue go up with that newfound knowledge, you become smarter and smarter with a each new step, with a each new action, with a each new decision, with a each new thought, with a each new feeling, and with a each new belief, and as a result to that you find this new level of understanding of yourself, your gifts, your talents, and of your potential you've never had before. And then as you go back up and go back up, you start seeing that light you should have seen a long time ago, you see the light that leads you to all of your newfound hopes, all of your newfound goals of your present, and all of your newfound dreams, and all of your newfound visions of your future. And then, you reach the final step and face the most important step, the most important action, and the most important decision in your life, the step, the action, and decision that leads you out of that hole towards that light and back on the surface. And thanks to your newfound knowledge, you now fully understand and you now completely comprehend where you've done wrong, what's made you fall into that hole, and what you have to do right to get out of it, and never fall into it ever again. And it's only as you do so, you rise like a Phoenix with a new understanding and comprehension of everything that regards your life, for each step you've made has taught you what kind of steps you really have to make, each action you've taken has taught you what kind of actions you really have to take, and each decision you've made has taught you what kind of decisions you really have to make, and when you support that newfound knowledge with newfound thoughts, newfound emotions, and new found beliefs, that's when you truly become truly rich within and even without, because your mind finally understands everything and finally knows that if you've managed to climb back to the surface, for you, nothing's impossible and you can achieve anything you wish to achieve in your life.

Kind Regards & Blessings