Is Really a Joke


Dear Diary,

You have probably no idea, because of course, why would you have any idea, but I really do get it, I get it because I was just like you are at one point in my life. Meaning, whenever the school recess was over, I would rush home like crazy every single day so I wouldn't miss all kinds of re-runs seen on our small but priceless television set we used to have in our possession. 

And I would watch and I would invest my time into all kinds of re-runs of my favorite shows, so I would follow all of my characters and wouldn't miss any of it. I would catch re-runs of Mac's impossible life-saving improvisations with his duct tape and his Swiss army knife, I would catch Captain Janeway's struggles in the Delta Quadrant with her crew, I would catch all of Al Bundy's insults, I would catch all of Steve Urkel's crazy inventions and professions of his love, I would catch all of Will's misfortunates and mishaps and lessons he's learned from Uncle Phil, I would catch every Danny Tanner's advice on life, love, friendship, parenting, love between siblings, on everything, I would catch Michael Knight's cooperation with the super car named KIT and patiently observe them fight all kinds of bad guys who were always up to no good, 

and I would even catch my favorite couple as they fought an evil twin in a soap opera. My point is, I too have invested a lot of time into television shows, I too have invested a lot of time into entertainment, but back then things were a whole lot different than they are now, for there was no social media back then, there was no video sharing platforms back then, there was no smart technology back then, all we really had was small non-HD television sets and VCRs to record everything we've watched on VHS tapes, if of course we could afford small non-HD television sets and VCRs, 

or we were lucky enough to own one. We didn't have the kind of access to all kinds of content kids have access to today, we didn't have that chance you now have, we didn't have that chance to type a name of a show and watch all the episodes we wanted to watch one minute later. We didn't have any of what you have right now. You have what we never had. A kid can go now on the world wide web and search for  television show and watch every episode one minute later, we were lucky to catch one single episode on TV, and if we didn't, we had to accept the fact that we had missed that episode. 

But that's not my point, my point is, that just like you are doing right now, we've also invested our time into television shows, but back then shows were a lot more different than they are today, they weren't on Online platforms, they were only on television channels we fortunately had on our TV. But today, as times are different, so is the content that streams and so is the content that's available. And so kids of today waste and waste more and more time on things that are different, they invest more and more of their time on things that are overly addictive to a point kids are dependent on them, and thus see the world through a different kind of perspective, 

perspective that's shown and perspective they learn whilst watching a television show. So, I ask, isn't that dangerous for a kid, to watch a television show that's clearly scripted with drama, tension, and unnecessary addictive content to addict him? Is it normal for a kid to invest time in it, is it normal for a kid to be programmed by all kinds of hidden messages within it that deal with all the topics they shouldn't deal with? Of course it isn't, and yet it is happening. And even adults aren't immune to this mindless entertainment, a lot of them at least, for some of them fortunately understand where I am coming from and to what target I am aiming,

 because they still have values they've learned back in those days smartphones and tables and all the traps that can today be found online, were non-existent. So, to conclude this mess of a post, is it really worth it, to see the youngest generation be manipulated by all kinds of messages, is it worth it for the youngest generation be addicted to these things, just because they can be and they've all the access to any kind of content they wish to see? Content that promotes and glorifies things such as violence and you know which word I want to use but I won't use? 

Of course it isn't worth it, it's not worth it to spend time on such mindless things that exist only to entertain and occupy and addict our minds. Our children and We, we are all much more worthy than everything we are being shown. We are after all humans with immense potential, aren't we? Isn't it a waste we spend so much of our potential and so much of our time on things that promote and glorify violence, sex, and such things that are unwell for all of us and especially for our children's well-being ?            

Kind Regards & Blessings