Dear Diary,

Every single time I think of it, it amazes me even further than it has amazed me before, for I honestly can not stop to be amazed by it, I honestly can not stop to be amazed by it every single time I think of it, because it is so amazing, it is so meaningful, and it is so purposeful to all of us, to you, to me, to you, to me, to everyone, all humanity combined and every living creature on this planet. This is something that's even more compelling than this world, this Solar System, this Milky Way Galaxy, this Vast Universe of wonders, and this Expanded Multiverse we all live in. I speak and write of course about the Origin, I speak and write of course about the Origin of everything, the Origin of time, the Origin of life, The origin of love, and the Origin of us as human species. Just the fact that it is still unknown to us and we still haven't the slightest clue who and what we really are, what's our place, and where do we really belong in this Universe, is riveting to say the least, because there are billions of stars out there in the night sky in the Vast universe of wonders, and there is very high probability that one of them holds and one of them has got all the answers to all of our deepest and most profound questions about the Origin of life and about the Origin of everything. Isn't it amazing just to think of this, that somewhere out there Universe's greatest mystery awaits to be discovered, that somewhere out there Universe's greatest secret awaits to be uncovered, and that we've been given a chance to find, discover, and uncover the greatest mystery and the greatest secret of the Universe one day, when we'll understand Science so much, so much, so much, so much better than we understand it today? I get so emotional when I think of Humanity go Interstellar between the stars, deep into the Universe to seek for the answers every great Mathematician, every great Physicist, every great Astronomer, every great Scientist, every great Observer and Enthusiast of the Universe, that's ever lived on this little speck of dust, always wanted to answer. When that day arrives we probably won't be here anymore, but when it will arrive we'll observe from the afar, we'll observe Humanity's greatest scientific achievements and greatest scientific accomplishments, we'll observe frontiers we've never crossed before, be crossed, and as time will go by, we'll observe grand children of our great grand children and adults of new generation as they'll seek for another planet and another chance at life. It's going to be so amazing to see all Nikola Tesla's scientific findings and discoveries finally be brought to light, it's going to be so amazing to see all the world's greatest minds discover all the new mysteries and uncover all the new secrets of the Universe. It's going to be so beautiful to know that as humanity we have succeeded, that we have found peace among ourselves for the betterment of humanity or better said, the betterment of humankind. Maybe not tomorrow, but one day in the distant future the world will Unite, the world will become one with the Universe, and Universe will become one with the world. Everyone who's ever dreamt of this will see that dream of theirs come true, for we will finally learn, we will finally understand, and we will finally know the true Origin of our species and of everything else that harbors life in this vast Universe of wonders.

Kind Regards & Blessings