Hard Times


Dear Diary,

Harder the times, tougher the person that survives them. Weaker the times, weaker the person that survives them. It's hard times that in the end make us who we have always been meant to become, it's the hard times we survive that make the best of us, not the easy times that are easy to live through, but hard times that are seemingly impossible to get through. Because when we feel pain, we also gain the wisdom and knowledge how it is like to feel pain, and we learn from that pain, we learn lessons from that pain we've never learned before. That's why hard times are necessary, that's why even hardships have their own meaning, purpose, and their reason, meaning, purpose, and reason to make of us who we've always been meant to become. So when we encounter hard times, we mustn't give up on ourselves, our lives, our hopes, and our dreams, but we must work hard and we must work smart on ourselves, we've got to learn how to learn from hard times, not so we never repeat them again, but that as they repeat themselves once again we approach them from a different kind of perspective, approach them from perspective we've never had before, and from perspective we can truly learn a lot from, much more than we've learned when we encountered hard times for the very first time. Without hard times, we lack that knowledge that's necessary, with hard times, we gain all that knowledge that's necessary for all of us to succeed. Because hard times define us, hard times make us stronger, and it's the hard times that make us tougher, and courageous enough to face what's ahead of us. Weak times do nothing of that, they don't make us stronger, but they make us weaker instead, with weak times we've no courage to face what's ahead, because we've no idea how to face what's ahead, in fact, we are scared of what's ahead, we are scared of the unknown that awaits us. And so, if your desire is to obtain success, remember that hard times exist for a very special reason, and that reason is not to destroy you, but for you obtain it, so you can also get to keep it, because you know it's true worth and what it really took to get you there.

Kind Regards & Blessings