Lessons of Failure


Dear Diary,

If you've by any chance succeeded in your life but you haven't failed before you've succeeded in your life, I don't praise you for your success, I pity you for your success, because it's clear to me you've never truly succeeded but you've instead chosen a short-cut that has helped you succeed. And because you've chosen a shortcut you've no idea of failure, you've no idea what failure is and what you can learn from it, and because you've no idea of teachings of failure, because you've no idea of the lessons of failure, your success will sooner or later cease to exist. You may think yourself successful and you may feel yourself successful, and you may believe yourself successful, but if you haven't experienced failure in your life on the road towards success, you are very far from it, you are very hard from being successful, for you, my dear reader, are indeed unsuccessful. Failure is very important part of success, for failure is the greatest teacher we must listen to and we must learn from if we wish to become successful. When we pick a shortcut, we live success that is not a success, when we pick the correct path, we live success that is success. Shortcuts don't make us successful, it's the paths, those hard, those paths that are seemingly impossible to cross are the ones that do. Because those are the paths that define us, those are the paths that make us stronger, much stronger than we've ever been, and those are the paths that made us who we are. Shortcuts don't have such power, shortcuts have easy roads anyone of us can cross, but what they lack is knowledge of what it truly takes to succeed in life and to keep that success you've achieved for a lifetime. And what it truly takes is failure, one failure at a time, one lesson of failure at a time, and one teaching of failure at a time. And so failure is a blessing in disguise you can truly learn a lot from, failure is that annoying teacher, but that annoying teacher you must learn how to listen to and learn how to learn from. If you do learn from it, if you take lessons from it, and apply these lessons you've learned into areas and aspects of your life, work smart on it, walk the path that's correct path and not the path that's wrong path. then there's no doubt you'll become successful and obtain your biggest dream and you'll get to keep it, however, if you don't, and choose shortcut instead, without any prior knowledge how it is to fail, and follow the path that's incorrect and that's a wrong path, then there is doubt you'll ever become successful, obtain your biggest dream and get to keep it, because that dream of yours will sooner or later escape your grasp that won't be as firm anymore.          

Kind Regards & Blessings