The Greatest and Most Marvelous Discoveries of Our Generation


Dear Diary,

Your mind is so beautiful, you've no idea how beautiful your mind truly is. You've no idea of its true beauty and you've no idea of its true meaning and purpose, and because you've no idea how powerful and how beautiful your mind truly is and who and what your mind truly serves for, you believe the lies about it, you believe the lies you hear, you believe the lies you read, and you believe the lies you see and watch wherever it is that you see and watch them. Your mind is a lot more powerful than you are being told, for even though human mind's been explored for so many decades already, there's still a whole lot of it to yet be explored. There are mysteries about human mind we don't yet know of, there are mysteries about human mind we've yet to know, for what we know of is like a drop of water and what we don't know is like entire Ocean of mysteries. The reason why I am writing this is because I don't want you to feel unimportant, for the truth is you are very important, for you carry the most mysterious tool in entire Universe in your possession, and thus you are unique, you are special, you are extraordinary, you are truly amazing, incredible, beautiful, one-of-a-kind, and remarkable human being, for you hold the secrets and mysteries of the Universe inside of you, you hold the real truth about your mind, the truest of all truths if you will behind the existence of everything. So don't think yourself unimportant, because the fact is you are very important, you, I, and everyone else, we are all very important. As much as we are different because of the way we look, because of the way we sense things, we are all the same because we all carry the same secrets and mysteries of the Universe within ourselves, AND this is something you probably have never been told by anyone. You are it, my dear reader, we are all it, what we carry inside of our minds is truly for the lack of a better term truly Marvelous and Truly amazing. It's our past, our present, and our future, what we were, what we are, and what we shall be, everything is there, everything we've hoped to become, everything we're becoming, and everything we shall become. We are all connected to each other, you are connected to me, I am connected to you, we're all connected to everyone, and what connects us is the mysteries of the Origin of the Universe and Origin of our species, mysteries of the origin of the universe and origin of our species we carry within our minds. When you think of this, you cannot find the suitable words that would completely describe everything our mind truly is, because it's that mysterious, and it's that powerful, it's truly very special. We've already discovered and uncovered so much mysteries with it, and who knows, perhaps one day this generation, our generation shall be known as generation that has discovered its true beauty, its true meaning, and its true power, and name like yours, or name like mine shall be forever written in history of all the greatest and Most marvelous discoveries of our generation.

Kind Regards & Blessings,

and all the love,